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Modelling Coastal Habitats

Coastal habitats have been ignored in many earth system models or ESMs.  The SMARTX team is working to remedy this.

Photo Credit: Genevieve Noyce




Understanding spatial and temporal drivers of biogeochemical processing is key to accurately representing coastal systems in larger model frameworks. The Gen-X team is building on the SMARTX advances to improve our understanding using a data-model integration framework. 

Photo Credit: Genevieve Noyce


2021 -

COMPASS is Up and Running!

The Coastal Observations, Measurements, and Predictions Across Systems and Scale Project is now underway!  To learn more about the project, you can visit the website. If you're interested in becoming a partner in our sampling network program, you can learn more and request sampling kits by contacting the EXCHANGE team at




09  /   2-3  /   2021

09   /   12   /   2021

Looking forward to the Gulf Coast Workshop at ORNL! Great working putting it all together Drs. LaFond-Hudson and Wang!

The DOE Early Career call is out and there's a focus on Coastal Urban Gradients. Check it out on the DOE website.


09   /   12   /   2021

Jen's paper on dentrification in restored mussel beds is published. Congrats Dr. Hillman! You can find the article here.

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