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Understanding and Modelling Current and future coastal wetland methane Dynamics


PI: Genevieve Noyce

     Smithsonian Environmental Research Center


Roy Rich, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Teri O'Meara, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Peter Thornton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Photo Credit: Genevieve Noyce

The Gen-X has identified 5 main areas for targetted data collection and model development that will improve our understanding of coastal biogeochemical processes and the role of multiple anthropogenic stressors in regulating the redox network.  They include:

  1. Relative reaction rates for simultaneous redox processes

  2. Effects of global change stressors and external forcing on biogeochemical cycling and methane emissions

  3. Soil carbon quality, including chemical speciation and decay rates

  4. Plant-mediated transport of oxygen and methane

  5. Sediment heterogeneity driven by roots


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